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Made in Workshop

We first partnered with Made in Workshop in 2020, transforming their online presence to attract businesses to become members and make use of their industrial machines. We’re proud to say that we succeeded and contributed to their exceptional growth.

Since then, their business has evolved into a community where makers in South Africa can grow their businesses. Not only in the workshop, but in the digital world.

This time, as UI/UX trends has evolved, we redesigned their website with a fresh and modern look with advanced functionality for users to book workshops, become a member and keep up to date with industry trends.

  • Website Design
Made in Workshop website

South African Charter Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The South African Charter Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a global support network and accreditation body for professional coaches.

They approached us to redesign and develop a site, that allows ICF accredited coaches and training institutions to add professional profiles as a directory listing. The Directory features includes an advanced search functionality where users can search by location, distance, ICF credential status and coach speciality. Users who visit the site can now search for their preferred coach as well as become a coach by joining one of the listed coaching institutions and get in touch with them seamlessly.

  • Website Design
ICF website

mZAR stable coin one-pager

mZAR is a fully collaterised South African ZAR stablecoin, which is based on the open fiat stablecoin framework of Mesh.

Mesh asked us to develop a one-pager micro-app for users to get information on the stablecoin and start trading in what they call “a new kind of global marketplace”.

  • Web Development
mzar website

ELFH Properties

ELFH Properties is a family owned business that has a wide variety of apartment buildings in and around Roodepoort. Their apartments are spacious and ranges from a bachelor units to 2 and a half bedroom units.

They asked us to redesign and develop a site that catalogues each building and provides information on the units available to rent. The website allows users to enquire on the property and can book a viewing online.

  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
elfh properties website

Perfect Health Practice

A Homeopath practice that empowers patients with the tools and knowledge to heal themselves.

We were approached to develop a custom e-commerce store that mirrors their expertise. We developed and designed a full stack e-commerce web app with fancy technology like Advanced search with Algolia, Advanced Google maps integrations and a custom payment portal.

  • Web Development
perfect health practice e-commerce website

Loeries Creative Week 2021

The Loeries is the most prestigious creative festival across Africa and the Middle East.

They approached us to help project manage and design all their branding elements using Dukes Agency 'Goo' campaign. The Venues include: The V&A Waterfront, The Grand Africa, Tsogo Sun hotel and Red and Yellow advertising school.

  • Branding
Loeries Creative Week collage

The Missing Piece

Local is lekker indeed! The Missing Piece is a series of local-is-lekker South AfricaScapes puzzles. These puzzles celebrates South Africa with its unique photography of landscapes, wildlife, art and sport fanatics.

We built them a stunning ecommerce store, allowing buyers to buy their puzzles online and gets delivered to their front door within 24 hours.

We also manage their digital presence using a combination of technologically advanced marketing tools.

  • Website Design
Missing Piece website

The Spark Café

After the successful launch of Made in Workshop website, The Spark Café asked us to design and develop a website that showcases their delicious and diverse, flavourful food!

We made sure that their website introduces their innovative approach to the traditional methods of the restaurant industry.

  • Website Design
The Spark Café website

Mgaga (Ma Gents Against Gender Abuse)

With the rising cases of Gender based Abuse in South Africa, we designed and developed a Gender Awareness website for Mgaga (Ma Gents Against Gender Abuse).

Mgaga is a movement aimed to drive behaviour change and root out toxic norms of masculinity. The website allows men to take the pledge against Gender based Abuse and to register for online workshops.

  • Website Design
Mgaga (Ma Gents Against Gender Abuse) website

CC Imelmann

CC Imelmann is one of the leading suppliers of Laboratory Consumables, Chemicals and Equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We were tasked to develop a RFQ (Request for Quote) online platform for CC Imelmann that enables their business to be fully digital, automated and support their 10 000+ products and large customer base.

We provided them with a bespoke online product management system, in the form of a micro-app, to facilitate the management of such a large set of online products.

  • Website Design
CC Imelmann website

The Aesthetics Room

A lifestyle aesthetic & laser skin clinic approached us to help build a brand that mirrors their expertise. We designed their Corporate Identity (CI) kit and we are currently on a monthly retainer for all their branding and marketing related services.

  • Branding
The Aesthetics Room mockup website


A Proudly South Africa Climbing brand that brings new and innovative ideas to climbing and makes hand crafted climbing products.

After designing and developing their Friends and Allies website, they asked us to redesign and develop an e-commerce platform for them to sell their climbing gear and coaching sessions online.

  • Website Design
Scallywags e-commerce website

The Send Space

We love supporting local! A proudly South African climbing podcast for local climbers to tell their stories, record history, share beta, and inspire others.

They approached us after seeing Friends and Allies and Scallywags site to sponsor a website to support local climbers.

  • Website Design
Send Space website

Lani Design

Lani Design, an interior design and architecture business approached us to design their logo to give it a fresh and modern look. So we came up with a concept of an architect's blueprint plan.

  • Branding
Lani Design mockup

Friends and Allies

Friends and Allies are a bouldering gym facility in the heart of Strydompark Johannesburg. They asked us to take their current Corporate Identity (CI) and tranform it into a responsive website.

  • Website Design
Friends and Allies website

My Money Talks

We designed and developed a digital platform My Money Talks, empowering a nation through financial education. They call themselves, Africa’s first free money school.

We designed a strong visual experience that features free online courses.

  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing
My Money Talks website

Yarn Tree

The purveyors of fine South African and International yarns and fibres. We redesigned and developed an online e-commerce platform for them to sell their yarn online.

  • Website Design
Yarn Tree e-commerce site

Kitso Ya Boleng Academy

A tertiary education preparation program wanted an online presence where students can apply online.

We designed and integrated an online application system for students to access information easily and enrol for a program.

  • Website Design
Kitso Ya Boleng Academy website

The Real Estate Hub

The Real Estate Hub, a value sharing platform that identifies, creates and stimulates value and growth for real estate agents and property.

They asked us to design a logo that best represents what they are and what they're passionate about. We created a look that, they're not just any other real estate business but the hub to be in to learn, grow and sell properties effectively and efficiently.

  • Branding
The Real Estate Hub Branding


We redesigned and developed a one-page presentation styled website for infoQuest, an innovative full-service online market research company that specialises in helping businesses make better marketing decisions through online quantitative and qualitative research.

  • Website Design
The Real Estate Hub Branding

Financial Coaching Training

A professional Financial Coach Training School approached us to design and develop a sales page to help promote their Financial Training school.

We designed and developed a one-pager WordPress website with detailed content about their school.

  • Website Design
Financial Coaching website

Ask Donnie

Ask Donnie, the one stop buying, selling and sourcing of cars, asked us for a simple yet beautiful website where his clients can submit a request, to sell a car or if they're looking for a car.

We're taking his business further by developing a micro app. Keep an eye out for the launch.

  • Website Design
Ask Donnie website

Money and Medicine

We were tasked to create a visually appealing, modern and user-friendly website for Money and Medicine that offers simplified and unbiased financial resources to medical professionals.

  • Website Design
Money and Medicine website

Secu Exports

Change is difficult, especially in business! We designed a stunning E-Commerce site for Secu Exports who provides Africa with a complete and integrated security solution.

  • Website Design
Secu Exports website

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